How to Reduce EMF Exposure in Your Home





  • Turn the brightness on your computer monitor down as low as possible if you have to use the computer in the evening

  • Avoid using a cordless phone unless you absolutely have to. Use a wired home phone instead

  • Do not keep cell phone chargers, or worse, your cordless phone base, in or near your bedroom

  • Make sure you only use and store your cell phone in areas where reception is good, and don't make the mistake of artificially reducing the signal strength, which forces the phone to crank up the power to reach the base station. Many teens, for example, will place their cell phones beneath their pillow or underneath their bed, not realizing that as the cell phone cannot easily get a signal out, it significantly increases its power output!

  • Avoid using Wi-Fi routers in your home. Instead, install cable or Ethernet cable. If you need portability, you can use a dLAN device that allows you to access your Ethernet without laying extra wires or irradiating yourself with pulsing microwaves from a router. Alasdair Philips