Monthly Retainer

This carries over month to month.  Any texts, emails or phone calls will draw from this.  


Today’s patients seek on-demand care access and price transparency. Retainer-based models cater to this consumer constituency by providing earliest appointments possible, longer appointment times if possible, and consistent monthly rates comparable to gym memberships.


Monthly Concierge service

Monthly concierge service - this does NOT carry over monthly. its more of use it or lose it.

This includes:

1 -   30 min naturopathic visit

1 -   Acoustic cardiograph

8 -   30 min sauna sessions

1     weekly 15 min phone call

       unlimited text between 9 am-8pm

       bi- weekly email consultations

1  box of daily health fundamentals (SP)

Excerpt from UPenn of Business

......For patients, the much-touted benefit of concierge medicine is that the doctor has more time and can provide them greater access. Concierge doctors “have 80% to 90% fewer patients, so they can do other things that other physicians simply can’t.......

..Prevention is concierge medicine’s most important benefit, according to Randy Baggesen, a concierge physician in Richmond, Va., who says he often catches disease in early stages....