Thank you for the opportunity to work together towards your optimal health. To help prepare for your Child's first visit together and insure an efficient visit, please follow these steps:

Please click on, download, and fill-out these forms:​

Ped Intake Form
Symptom Survey
Daily Food Diary (multiple of these)
Appointment Guidelines
Behavioral Form



Make copies of the one page Diet Diary and fill it out for as many days as you can (up to four days and two weekend days would be ideal). Please do not change your eating habits or life style during this time so we can get an accurate assessment of your nutrient intake and current symptoms.

If you can, bring in (or list)  all supplements and medications you are taking to your first visit so we can review them together. Do not ever change or alter dosages of any prescription medications with out speaking with your prescribing physician.​
To reduce paper:
If you have an Apple computer: fill out forms on preview and send it to info@naturalcarewestchester.com
If you have a pc/android: follow the link and you will get the instructions for the appropriate application to fill and sign the PDFs.
Feel free to email me any time if you have any questions.